Jane Coury

My name´s Jane Godwin Coury and I´m from the UK.  I´ve been living and working as an English teacher and teacher trainer in Brazil since 1994.  I´m an ELT (English Language Teaching) writer and have written many publications focusing on helping English teachers.  In 2013, Editora Disal from Brazil published my book called  Exercícios para falar melhor em inglês – Speaking Activities, which has 32 speaking activities for English language teachers to use with their students.   I also published a free e-book called Four Short Stories to Use in the ELT Classroom, which can be downloaded at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/587804.  Since 1987, I have worked in different teaching institutions in Brazil, the UK, the USA, France and Germany.  I give workshops at conferences and ELT events and am a Cambridge Speaking examiner.  I have an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester, the UK. I also work as a copyeditor and translator (Portuguese to English).  Please see http://www.nativeenglish.com.br for more information.

I set up this blog in 2014 especially to help English language teachers in their busy lives.  Every week, dynamic activites are posted.  They include the aim, level, timing and instructions.  They normally last around 20-30 mins.  The aim of the activities is to reach the students´ multiple intelligences and encourage them to do different dynamics such as mingling, pair/group work and sometimes getting them out of the classroom.  The activities are fun and challenging and will hopefully motivate students to learn more English.   The blog has weekly teaching tips to help teachers reflect on their lessons and grow professionally.  There are also useful links for teachers to access and read.  Enjoy!


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