2015:  Four short stories to use in the ELT classroom – free e-book  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/587804

2014: Effective Communication, New Routes #53 http://www.disal.com.br/newr/nr53/nrlogin.asp?anterior=nr53&A1=6156529222808474484537&A2=C

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2013: Exercícios para falar melhor em inglês – Speaking Activities published by
Editora Disal, ISBN 13: 9788578441258 http://www.disaleditora.com.br/catalogo.php?action_search=1&_cmb_tp_busca=5&_txt_busca=309

2004: Tips for Conversation Classes, BRAZ-TESOL newsletter, September, 2004

2002: Controversial Issues in the Classroom, BRAZTESOL Newsletter, January, 2002,

2002: Controversial Classrooms, English Teaching Professional, Issue 23, April 2002,

2001: English as a Lingua Franca in the Brazilian Academic World, October 2001,

2000: It works in practice, English Teaching Professional, Issue 16, July 2000

1998: Creating awareness in error correction, IATEFL Learner Independence SIG
newsletter, Issue 23, Autumn 1998


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